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Cold Pressed Castor Oil



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What is Castor Oil

Castor oil is a vegetable oil derived from the castor bean seed in its purest form. It is colorless, odorless and tasteless. We at Skin Gourmet take our castor beans and remove the hull of the seed, before pressing it to obtain the oil.

The history of castor oil goes back a long way, with Ancient Egyptians allegedly using it for their lamps around 4000 BC. Greek travelers like Herodotus recorded that the Egyptians also used it as an ointment. Cleopatra reportedly used it for brightening the whites of her eyes. Over the years, castor oil has earned a phenomenal reputation for being a laxative, cathartic, and purgative medicine. Angelina Jolie and Britney Spears are just two famous fans of this restorative oil!

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Uses of Castor Oil:

Castor oil has a variety of uses. Some common reasons for using it are:

• as a laxative

• to treat fungal infections on the skin

• to soothe the eyes

• to obtain relief from joint pains

• to improve the appearance of the skin and give it a youthful glow

• to obtain silkier, more lustrous hair

• to manufacture various products


Hair Care

Split ends and dryness are quickly fixed by the moisturizing power of castor oil, which works as a great alternative to conditioner. Castor oil, when applied to the hair, coats each strand, locking in moisture. It gives you silkier, more lustrous hair and can improve the overall condition of your locks. Massaging your head with castor oil can improve blood circulation, which can help stimulate hair growth. Castor oil can also combat scalp infections that lead to a loss of hair. Its germicidal properties make it effective for treating several hair-related ailments like dandruff, folliculitis, etc.

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Castor Oil for Hair Growth

Since castor oil has rejuvenating properties, it can help stimulate the growth of hair by increasing circulation in your scalp. The increased blood circulation caused by the castor oil will improve the flow of nutrients to your hair, helping it to grow.

The following is a short tutorial on how to use castor oil for Hair Growth:

  1. Separate your hair into manageable sections
  2. Rub castor oil onto your exposed scalp, making sure to massage the oil in for a few minutes
  3. Cover your head with a shower cap and let it sit for a few hours or overnight
  4. Wash off the oil and repeat the procedure at least 2-4 times a week for maximum results




To order please call or whatsapp Violet on +233 (0) 20 89 79 302 or +233 (0) 50 145 1317

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Castor Oil for Hair Re-growth

To use castor oil for hair re-growth, it will usually need to be mixed with coconut, emu or olive oil, as castor oil on its own is very thick and viscous. Follow these instructions to use castor oil for hair re-growth:

  1. Mix castor oil with olive oil, coconut oil, or emu oil in a 50:50 ratio
  2. Part your hair into manageable sections
  3. Apply the castor oil mixture to the hair sections and the scalp until all your hair is covered
  4. Wrap your hair and let the mixture sit for 3 hours or overnight.
  5. Wash your hair and marvel at how soft and manageable it is.

To achieve optimal results when using castor oil for hair re-growth, you should follow the above procedure 3 to 4 times a week for a few weeks.

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Castor Oil for Hair Darkening

Some people want to make their hair appear darker and richer, and castor oil can also help with this. The nutrients and the humectant effects of the oil help the hair retain moisture and make it look darker. Take a pea-sized amount of the oil, mix it with your leave-in hair conditioner or hair mousse and distribute evenly through your hair.

Castor Oil for Hair Shine

Castor oil can increase the luster of your hair, due to its ability to form a protective coat on the hair shaft. The oil makes the hair smoother, thereby reflecting more light. Using castor oil as a conditioner or hot oil treatment at least once a week benefits dull hair by making it shiny and smooth, but do not overdo it or you could end up with an oily scalp.


Castor Oil for Hair Loss

Hair loss can occur for many reasons, but the one of the most common causes is an unhealthy scalp and weak hair. Castor oil does not only strengthen the hair, but also has anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties which can help combat and prevent scalp infections like ringworm, piedra, and folliculitis. Castor oil can prevent the growth of micro-organisms like bacteria and fungus which can affect your scalp’s health and contribute to bald patches and hair loss. To use castor oil for hair loss, apply it twice a week to the scalp, leaving for at least 30 minutes before washing off.

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Castor Oil for Hair Split Ends

Castor oil can help control split ends if used as a conditioning treatment. The oil is full of nutrients which help prevent hair breakage. Castor oil contains Vitamin E, essential amino acids and Omega 6 fatty acids which penetrate damaged and dry hair, smoothing out rough cuticles and helping the hair retain moisture. Moisturized and strong hair does not break or split as easily.



To order please call or whatsapp Violet on +233 (0) 20 89 79 302 or +233 (0) 50 145 1317

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Castor Oil for hair: Overall Hair Health

Castor oil benefits the hair in a number of ways. The oil is a natural emollient which moisturizes both the hair and the scalp. Humectants seal in moisture to prevent the hair from becoming dry and brittle. When used for hair care, castor oil leaves the hair soft, shiny, smooth and easily manageable.

Using castor oil for hair care is a great idea as it also nourishes and moisturizes the scalp. The oil encourages hair growth and improves hair thickness, while strengthening follicles and nourishing the roots. Using castor oil for hair care ensures the hair roots and follicles receive all of the minerals needed for hair growth. Other castor oil benefits for hair care come from the natural antiviral, antifungal and antimicrobial properties of the oil.

Using castor oil for hair care ensures your hair and scalp are given all the nutrients they need. Castor oil contains vitamin E, omega 6 essential fatty acids and many of the minerals and nutrients needed to grow healthy and luxurious hair. Castor oil is a natural anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory agent, and inhibits the growth of harmful bacteria and fungi. Using castor oil for hair care can therefore help to keep infections at bay.


Castor Oil Benefits for Hair Health

  • Encourages the growth of thick luxurious hair
  • Prevents thinning of the hair
  • Treats premature balding (alopecia)
  • Moisturizes the hair and scalp
  • Improves blood circulation
  • Nourishes the hair and hair follicles
  • Prevents and treats split ends
  • Prevents the growth of bacteria and fungi
  • Treats dandruff
  • Prevents drying out of the scalp
  • Darkens the hair
  • Improves the uptake of nutrients
  • Minimizes hair damage
  • Softens the hair
  • Makes the hair shiny

With all the benefits derived from using castor oil for hair, ranging from using it for hair growth, re-growth, split ends, hair loss, hair shine, hair darkening and overall hair health, this is a unique natural product and a valuable addition to your beauty regime.


Induce labor

Castor oil has been used as a childbirth aid since ancient times, and it’s still popular for this purpose in many parts of the world. Many women report it helped them have a quicker and less painful labor, but what is it about castor oil that might cause this? Research into this topic is limited but speak to your doctor or midwife if you’d like advice about how to use it to assist with childbirth.

How to Induce Labor with Castor Oil and Other Natural Ways

There are many ways on how to induce labor naturally, but one of the most trusted ways to induce labor is with the use of castor oil. But why is that so? With this article, we will explore the various natural means on how to induce labor and compare it with the use of castor oil for labor induction.


How to Induce Labor Through Natural Ways

There are several ways to induce labor naturally which were discovered and developed by our ancestors over thousands of years. Some women all over the world are giving birth up to this day without the use of modern or western medicine and they are doing it fine, so it is not a surprise that natural ways to induce labor are as effective as some modern western means.



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Skin Regime

If you would like to minimize the appearance of wrinkles on your face, castor oil may be able to help you. It has a low-molecular weight, which means that it is absorbed fast by your skin. It then stimulates the production of collagen and other tissues. This means it can reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, as well as pimples, acne, eye bags, sunburn, dry skin, stretch marks, among others. It works well on itchy skin too!

Castor oil has many health and beauty benefits, including keeping the skin looking healthy and young. It should not come as a surprise that castor oil is also used for the prevention, treatment and healing of acne, as well as for minimizing the appearance of acne scars. This oil (which is produced by castor beans), has been widely used throughout the centuries and is a safe and cheap means of ensuring acne-free skin. Read on to learn how castor oil for acne works, and how you can benefit from it.


Castor Oil for Acne Prevention and Treatment

Acne is caused by irritation of the skin due to accumulated impurities which cause the skin to become inflamed. Castor oil for acne treatment works by drawing dirt out of the skin, making it one of the best natural remedies for acne. Castor oil is fantastic at drawing out bacteria, dirt, dead skin cells, excess oil and other impurities lodged in the pores, and the bonus part is, it does not clog pores. Castor oil is a highly effective acne treatment and is often used with the ‘oil cleansing method’. Oil cleansing involves the use of castor oil to cleanse the skin. The oil penetrates the skin, for deep cleaning that targets most of the causes of acne.


How to use Castor Oil for Acne Prone Skin

The following is a step-by-step method of how to use castor oil for acne-prone skin, for prevention of acne, as well as for acne treatment:

  1. Prepare some towels and a pot of steaming water
  2. Hold the towel over your head and lean your face over the steaming water
  3. After a few minutes, your pores will open up and will be ready for the castor oil treatment.
  4. Rub the oil into the acne-affected areas in gentle circular motions
  5. Use a damp, warm towel to wipe the castor oil from your skin
  6. Rinse skin with cold or cool water to help shrink the pores
  7. Pat your skin dry and a use a small amount of castor oil as a moisturizer

This therapy is effective for skin with acne if used daily for a period of 10-14 days. Results may vary by individual. If used as a form of acne prevention, the recommended frequency is 1-2 times a week, and this process can be substituted in place of your usual skin care regime.


Castor Oil for Acne Healing

Castor oil has an abundance of healing properties. It has an anti-inflammatory action which helps reduce the damage caused by acne, and aids tissue healing when used as a facial moisturizer. Castor oil acts as a natural, chemical-free emollient that hydrates and rejuvenates your skin, thereby hastening tissue healing by protecting new skin.


Castor Oil for Acne Scars

Castor oil can penetrate deep within the skin’s layers to minimize and eradicate scar tissue, which makes it an effective treatment for reducing and eliminating acne scars.

Natural means of prevention, treatment and healing are the best when it comes to addressing skin problems like acne. Castor oil does not only help prevent and treat acne, but also addresses the scarring from acne. Knowing how to use castor oil as an effective acne treatment can help you maintain a healthy, clear complexion.


Massage and Lump Removal

Since castor oil has a soothing effect on the skin, it is a great choice as a massage oil. It is also an excellent choice to relieve the symptoms of arthritis. It is believed that it can not only penetrate the skin, but the organs as well. It can even dissolve cysts and warts with frequent use.



Do you have a mouth sore? Or an open wound? Castor has been used for centuries to cure such ailments. This is because castor oil contains ricinoleic acid, which has excellent antimicrobial properties. It is also effective for in the treatment of bladder and vaginal infections, and can be used to deal with fungal infections like ringworm. When used around the eyes, it can provide relief from the dust and other particles that entered the eyes. Castor oil is also effective for treating eye problems like styes.



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