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Baobab & Mint Summer Skin Refresher

Who says healthy is boring? 

Who says healthy is boring? 

At Skin Gourmet we preach beauty from the inside out. What you put on your skin and what you put in your body affects your skin and its ability to heal itself and maintain a natural healthy glow. Now, we usually emphasize on topical application but today we are going to show you how to make a refreshing drink for your skin!

Mix with 1.t Liters of water:  4 Tablespoons of Baobab Fruit Pulp (add until you like the taste) - remember that if you add to much it will thicken the drink. Add about 8 Table spoons of Honey  (again add until you like the taste). Then blend the mixture and throw in about 8 leaves of mint (add until you like the taste in between blending). Please until smooth and then refrigerate and VOILA! - Your skin will thank you!


Kaya Green Market 01. 08. 2015

Today at the Kaya Green Market!!!

Thanks to all of our loyal and new customers that stopped by today, it was wonderful seeing everyone!

We really appreciate being able to have this opportunity to meet all of you on a personal level and hear your feedback...thank you.

Our products are very close to our hearts and we are grateful that we are able to share this personal journey with all of you.

We now offer 100% Organic Neem fertilizer and insecticide. No need for chemicals and for those of you that don't know...this stuff WORKS! We are now working on pricing
which we hope to have by next weekend. We'll also have some for sale.

Thanks to Joan for placing the first order with us for fertilizer and insecticide. We can't wait to hear your feed back!

Renate & Russell. are deeply missed @ The Green Market...we all await your return!

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